One Foundation

The One Foundation (Chinese: 壹基金), full title Shenzhen One Foundation (Chinese: 深圳壹基金公益基金会), was registered on December 3, 2010, as an independent public fundraising foundation in China. One Foundation strives to provide a professional and transparent public service platform according to the vision of "It Starts with One" (Chinese: 尽我所能,人人公益). One Foundation's strategy is for this one platform to focus on three areas, including disaster relief, children's welfare and philanthropy development.

One Foundation was originally founded by Jet Li in April 2007 as the Red Cross Society of China Jet Li One Foundation Project (Chinese: 中国红十字会李连杰壹基金计划). In October 2008, One Foundation registered in Shanghai under the title Shanghai Jet Li One Foundation (Chinese: 上海李连杰壹基金公益基金会). Both of these registrations along with associated funds, projects and personnel were later rolled into the Shenzhen-based foundation.

With the 2010 registration in Shenzhen, One Foundation became authorized to act as a fully independent charity. The founding organizations were the Shanghai Jet Li One Foundation, Lao Niu Foundation (Chinese: 老牛基金会), Tencent Foundation (Chinese: 腾讯公益慈善基金会), Vantone Foundation (Chinese: 万通公益基金会) and Vanke Foundation (Chinese: 万科公益基金会). Each founding organization donated 10 million RMB for a total of 50 million RMB start-up.

As of April 2013, the board of directors consisted of 11 members, in alphabetical order: Feng Lun (Chinese: 冯仑), Jet Li (Chinese: 李连杰), Liu Chuanzhi (Chinese: 柳传志), Pony Ma (Chinese: 马化腾), Ma Weihua (Chinese: 马蔚华), Jack Ma (Chinese: 马云), Niu Gensheng (Chinese: 牛根生), Wang Shi (Chinese: 王石), Yang Peng (Chinese: 杨鹏), Zhou Qiren (Chinese: 周其仁) and Amy Zhou (Chinese: 周惟彦).

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