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Annual Financial Report & Fourth Quarter Financial Report(2007.4.19 - 2008.4.17)
2008/4/20/ Sunday

One. Key items for One Foundation the fourth quarter financial report:


(1) From April 19th 2007 to April 15th 2008, One Foundation raised cash donation totaling RMB 10,677,226.87.

Donation via bank or post-office remittance: RMB 9,952,536.90.

Donation via mobile short message 1069 999309: RMB 648,287.

Foreign currency donated via PAYPAL: USD 6,590.04 (RMB 46,130.28).

Donation via Tengxun website: RMB 30,272.69.


(2) Till April 15th 2008, donation payouts totaling RMB 2,300,000:

On June 4th 2007, donated 100,000 RMB for Yunnan Puer earthquake disaster. Donation money was directly dispatched to Yunnan Red Cross Society of China buying 33.33 tons of rice. 14.25 tons were sent to disaster region Manlian village in Ninger town of Ninger county, 18.08 tons to Taida village in Ninger town of Ninger county. 2222 victims directly benefited.


On July 15th 2007, donated total of 1 million RMB for “Sunshine in Your Heart” project which consists of two annual projects “Sunshine in Your Heart Center” and “Crisis Prevention Project.” 580,000 RMB was for setting up “Sunshine in Your Heart Center” in 58 colleges of China, 420,000 RMB for “Mentality Crisis Prevent Project” training 4,800 psychologists volunteers.


◎ On July 22th 2007, donated 100,000 RMB for Shandong waterlog disaster. Donation money was directly dispatched to Shandong Binzhou Red Cross Society of China buying 32.9 tons of rice. It was dispatched to 7 suffering regions of disaster area: Sunwu town, Hefang village, Shimiao town, Xindian village, Weiji town, Danianchen village and Qinghe town. Within a total of 78 villages, 2331 victims benefited.


◎ Donated 950,000 RMB on Jan 29th, 150,000 RMB on Feb 2nd, 2008. One Foundation donated totaling 1.1 million RMB to relieve 17 cities and regions’ snow storm victims in southern China.

Two. One Foundation annual financial report chart


One Foundation donation income & expenses sheet


Date: April 15th 2008                                 Unit: Yuan (RMB)



One. Donation income


1. Institution donation


2. Personal donation


Via: Bank or post-office remittance


Mobile short message




Tengxun website


Two. Events or donation expenses


1. Yunnan Puer earthquake disaster


2. “Sunshine in Your Heart” project expenses


3. Shandong waterlog disaster


4. Snow storm disaster over 17 cities and regions


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